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IT'S ALMOST DONE! After a long wait and a lot of anticipation, my 1980 Corvette is almost done. It has been undergoing a serious makeover.  The pics I have posted were taken just an hour after it came out of the paint booth.  It has a custom Daytona front bumper and a '67 style big block hood, aka the "stinger hood".  I have also done some mechanical work to it, pulling off the old exhaust and replacing it with block hugger headers and a set of side pipes. I would like to give a big thanks to Scott Davis who has done all the body work to this car. He has done an incredible job. He is a Corvette specialist out of Newport, NC. if you are interested in having any work done, contact him at

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1/7/04  Started site. Added pics.

9/20/04 Added pics.

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How I Found It

Before I got this car, my dad and I looked at over 10 other vettes. We found one that was an '81 L-48. It was metallic-blue with tan interior. About a month after we put a down payment on it, the dealership sold it to someone else. I was real upset at the time, but I decided to look for another one. A few weeks later I came across a website for classic cars, East Coast Classic Cars. Under Corvette I found 2 cars, a metallic-blue '82 with crossfire injection and a brown '80 L-82. Just for fun we took a ride to the place which was 2 hours away. First we looked at the '82, it was beautiful. It looked brand new. Then we looked at the '80. It had a crack up the front passenger side fender and a broken headlamp. Apparently someone backed into it and the owner didn't want to fix it. The pic to the right was the one I saw online. After looking at both we decided on the '80. We knew it wouldn't be much to have fixed and already had the rims that I wanted to get. So after losing the first car I wanted, I ended up getting an even better one.

East Coast Classic Cars



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